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Jailbreaking or not?

The question is too detailed. Code developers says that: “If you have an iphone, you have a phone. But if iphone-jailbreakyou have a jailbreaked iphone; you have a gun!” Apple don’t let developers to make better applications to iphone. What does it mean? It means IOS delevopers can not interfere the standarts of IOS. For ex; you can’t clean or delete  your application’s caches, you can’t see the files list, you can’t attach different files in your application’s folder to your mails, you can’t know which apps running and which apps System usage and much more about that. But ‘Jailbreak Iphone’  makes better to know all you want about your iphone device.

Standard phone users are using their iphone as a ‘phone’. They only know downloading games from AppStore. Many applications are alike in AppStore. I didn’t see a good and interesting App for a long time. Games, readers, file apps and more.  Because, the app-developers can play in a limited area. They can not move out from this limited area. What will you do if your pics lost from your device? Can you get back deleted pics? Is there any program in AppStore to recover?  Can you see the data traffic in your iphone device? Can you see which application using data transfer on internet? I think I can ask many question. But, Cydia-which is Jailbroken device’s like AppStore-  can much more to do it all.

If you have an iphone, you have a phone. But if you have a jailbreaked iphone; you have a gun.

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